June 18, 2019

Enterprise Reservoir Fishing Near St. George Utah

Enterprise Reservoir FishingEnterprise Reservoir Fishing Near St. George Utah

The Enterprise Reservoir is one of the most popular destinations for those who are into sport fishing. It has been rated fair by anglers and the water level on the upper reservoir has been fairly low all year. One angler has recently done a great job in catching rainbow trout that are up to 15 inches long, right on the lower reservoir, with the help of night crawlers.

Details of the Enterprise Reservoir

The Enterprise Reservoir is located in the Washington County, right in the southwest portion of Utah. To go here, drive towards the city of Enterprise and then head to the west right on the SR-219 highway. Drive for about six miles and then turn to the south when you the see the sign. It is about 390 acres in size with an elevation of about 5,761 feet. There are no        restrictions on the time so you can visit at any time you want to. You will likely to catch rainbow trout here, as well as smallmouth bass.


As for the regulations, it is better to refer to the Fishing Guidebook for some special regulations for fishing at the Enterprise Reservoir. The site also comes with some fishing amenities, such as a forest service camp ground, primitive camping ground, as well as a paved boat ramp.

Describing the Site

Enterprise reservoir is stated within the juniper and pinion forest. This is one of the most famous spots for anglers that are in the Las Vegas area, most especially in the early parts of the year. The Division of Wildlife Resources of Utah has a small conservation pool that helps to maintain the trout and smallmouth bass on the low water.

The Wildlife Division will stock some five inch rainbow trout that will grow fast, for up to 14 inches, and weigh about one pound. They are a common catch on the reservoir and you will also find an abundance of crayfish in the area, which is the source of food for the smallmouth bass as well as the larger trout. The smallmouth bass is capable of reproducing well and about ten to twelve inch long fish is common.

Baits and Lures

Any bait fished from the shore will work for the trout and so it will be trolling with pop gear or spinners. The smallmouth is capable of attacking any small plastic bait fished right within a rocky structure on a 1/6 up to 1/18 ounce of jig head. The smallmouth will also take spinners and flies that were fished near the structure. The best trout fishing occurs during the fall and spring. The bass provides fast action during late May until the Labor Day.

Lower Enterprise Reservoir

The Lower Enterprise Reservoir does not have any conservation pool and thus, it is occasionally drained during the late summer on the dry years. The reservoir has been drained during the fall in 2009 to give way for dam repairs and it was filled again in the year 2010. A huge amount of rainbow trout are being stocked during the early spring in order to take advantage of the good water levels during the early season.