September 19, 2017

Fishlake Mountain Fishing

Fishlake Mountain Stream Fly Fishing in Utah

The Fishlake Mountain got its name from the high altitude plateau lake located in the Southern Wasatch region of Utah. It is surrounded by a forest which also derives its name from it. Considered by many to be the gem of Utah itself, Fishlake Mountain is an all natural region that provides water for most of the surrounding communities and agricultural areas. Of course, there’s also the popular activity – Fishlake Mountain stream fly fishing in Utah.

Fish Lake UtahWhy Fishlake Mountain?

The lake lies in a Graben Valley and is surrounded by sharply rising mountains. Its large coverage is only exemplified by its one hundred foot depth. Its majestic scenery makes for a great vacation, and the majority of visitors come mostly during the summer, as the area is prone to very early snowfall.

Thanks to the efforts of the Utah Wildlife Resources who constantly monitor and, if necessary, stock up on the fish, the area is a great spot for sport fishing. Many anglers have gone there to answer its challenge of catching a fish worthy of a trophy. The fish generally caught are large, the average weight being about 25 pounds.

Fishlake Mountain Stream Fly Fishing in UT

Fly fishing on the Fishlake Moutain is one of Utah’s most important selling points. Anglers come from miles around to be able to get onto a boat and fly fish straight into the lake. There are also shallow areas around the lake which give anglers good spots for shoreline fly fishing.

Overall, it is a good place for anglers who like taking their time. Being patient while fly fishing on Fishlake Mountain will give you good results and plenty of big fish to boast about.

The best time of the year for an angler to go fly fishing is considered to be during the spring and autumn seasons. The summer season is often found to be too hot for anglers and has water levels that are too unsuitable for proper fly fishing. Winter brings heavy snow with it, so it is also best to be avoided.

Fishing in the Streams on Fishlake Mountain

There are several major streams near the lake, namely the Sevenmile Creek and the UM Creek. These streams flow down the mountain and eventually form the starting point of the Fremont River. Many anglers prefer fishing in the streams compared to on the lake, as there is marginally less competition for good angling spots.

There are also a number of beaver ponds alongside the streams, which make for good fly fishing spots. Some people, however, leave them only to those anglers who know what they are doing, so as not to disturb the local beaver population.

The Types of Fish Available

The most commonly caught fish in the lake are the Monster Brown trout and the Splake, a trout hybrid. An angler may also be lucky enough to catch the large Mackinaw, but it is generally limited only to the spring season. The streams also hold a good amount of trout as well, including the Brook trout, the difficult to catch Tiger trout, and the Cutthroat trout.


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