October 19, 2017

Otter Creek Fishing

Otter Creek FishingOtter Creek Drainage Fly Fishing in Utah

Also known as the Otter Creek Reservoir, it is located in the Otter Creek State Park and sits at an elevation of 6400 feet. With a surface area that spans to about 2500 acres, this place is a spot where many anglers have gone to take advantage of its year round fishing. It also features a boating activity, one of the reservoir’s main calling cards, in addition to Otter Creek Drainage fly fishing in Utah.

Fly Fishing on Otter Creek Drainage, Utah

This reservoir is one of the best fisheries to be found in Utah. Although it is not as impressive in landscape and scenery like some of its neighbors, it is still pleasant enough on the eyes.

Anglers can expect to pay an entrance fee to be able to fish on the reservoir. For its cheap price, however, it is worth the abundance of fish that the area offers.

Its Area and What It Gives

Otter Creek Drainage in Utah is a place that is used a lot by anglers who love to do fly fishing. The area is quiet and developed enough to offer people the qualities of home without detracting from the bounty of nature. It offers a good boat ramp and over 20 campsites, along with excellent float tube fishing.

Otter Creek State Park

Fish to Catch

The Otter Creek Reservoir is a good place to go fly fishing for big trout. Most commonly caught types include the Cutthroats, Rainbow trout and the Brown trout. The fish can range anywhere from 16” to 22”, and on average weigh in at around 2-3lbs.


Otter Creek Drainage Fly Fishing in Utah| Fish, Tips, and Information


  1. Chris Taylor says:

    My two friends and I fly fished Otter Cr. Resv. for two days in June. The fish are big and strong and worth a look for sure.
    Don’t launch your float tubes at the docks, but launch about a mile east of there. We used black or olive flashy wooly buggers, #8 midges, callibaetis emergers and Crowley Perch patterns. #3x or 4x leaders were best, though seemed like the 4x was getting bit more often.
    Warning! watch the wind! you don’t want to be caught in the middle (that’s where we found the big boys) trying to kick back, as I did. I made it back, but was blown 1/4 mile from my truck and had to hike back twice, once with rod and fins, then tube itself.
    Don’t tell the bait dunkers or spinners!… they will kill everything and eventually destroy the fishery.

  2. Me and my wife are going here in April float tubing what flies are best this time of year? Thank you