September 19, 2017

Parowan Creek Stream Fishing

parowan creek fishingParowan Creek Stream Fly Fishing in Utah

Located between Brian Head and Parowan town, Parowan Creek runs parallel to State Highway 143, which makes it one of the most accessible creeks in Utah and this makes Parowan Creek Stream fly fishing in Utah very popular. With views that keep an angler’s mind relaxed and free from city life worries, it is one of the best creeks to go to for fly fishing.

Fishing Variety

There is a good variety of fish to be caught in Parowan Creek, including wild Rainbow trout and Largemouth bass. Some lucky anglers may also find themselves catching some Tiger trout or Bluegills. The amount of fish gives anglers a chance to have a varied catch, something that not all creeks can offer. The size of the fish may not be as large compared to those caught in lakes or rivers, but they still make for a good hobby to pass the time.

Access to the Creek

Parowan Creek is just about five miles away from its namesake town, giving an opportunity to anglers who wish to fish but do not have enough time to travel a large distance. There are a number of pull offs on the nearby highway, which helps make the stream a good place to stop when looking for a quick fly fishing trip.

Seasons for Fishing

Anglers wishing to do fly fishing in Utah’s Parowan Creek will have to check first with the local wildlife government to see if the area is open for public fishing. A license for fishing must also be procured before heading down to the stream. The local government also encourages a catch and release method when fishing.


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