September 19, 2017

Quail Lake Fishing Near St. George Utah

Quail Lake FishingQuail Lake Fishing Near St. George Utah

There have been lots of interesting areas to fish near St. George Utah and this is the reason why the place is very popular among anglers, beginners and professionals. One of the most visited fishing sites near St. George is the Quail Lake. It has been rated fair by those who have tried angling on this site and bass fishing is considered good on this area.

Location and Driving Directions

Quail Lake is located in the Washington County and is just near Hurricane. To get to this place, simply drive from I-15 and then exit at 16, then head on to the east for about 3.5 miles on the State Highway 9. Afterwards, turn to the north and then you will be able to enter the Quail Lake State Park. The park is about 500 acres in size, with an elevation of 2,900 feet.

Wide Variety of Fishes

Anglers love to fish in Quail Lake due to the fact that it is home to a wide variety of fishes. You will likely be able to catch Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Rainbow Trout. You can also possibly catch Black Crappie, Bullhead Catfish and Green Sunfish. But before you get too excited to go to Quail Lake to begin your fishing excursion, it is best to check out the Fishing Guidebook in order to read and understand the state wide laws and special regulations that you need to observe for this water body in St. George.

Site Description

The Quail Creek Reservoir, also known as the Quail Lake, is considered as Utah’s most popular bass fishery. The lake has produced great largemouth fishing as well as big fish shortly after it has been impounded in 1985. The lake is situated about eight miles away on the west side of the Hurricane City and is about 10 miles in the northeast of St. George City, right off the interstate Highway 15.

The Lake spans 590 surface acres and is about 185 feet deep when it is full. This means that anglers will certainly enjoy good fishing for rainbow trout and other fishes all throughout the year. There are also amenities that visitors to the park can enjoy, such as the boat ramp as well as the camping ground. The entrance fee to the park is $10 for every vehicle.

As stated, the Quail Lake has a healthy population of the Largemouth Bass and it also has an abundant amount of bluegill. There is also Black Crappie, but they are a bit difficult to find, although they sometimes grow to a large size and they are definitely fun to catch. During the cooler months, you will find some of the best rainbow trout fishing in this area.

All of the state boats have to be inspected before they will be launched in Quail Lake and the boats that would have to go through a decontamination process will have to proceed to the Sand Hollow state park. Again, kindly refer to the Fishing Guidebook for information on the rules and regulation.