September 19, 2017

Rim Lake Fishing

Rim Lake Fishing In Southern Utah

If you want to catch large trout, you might want to go Rim Lake fishing in Southern Utah. The place receives great angler pressure and experiences significant winterkill effects, which keep the brook trout population in check. This enables the fishes to develop fully – if they are able to survive the winter. Thus, anglers can catch good size trout in this lake.

This is also quite an attractive lake. The dense aspen trees that surround the lake add to the splendor of the place. The clear water and the boulders that surround the shoreline also make the lake much appealing.

Rim Lake in Southern Utah

  • Winterkill

Winterkill is affecting the lake significantly. Thus, fish population in the lake decreases during the cold season. This makes it possible for trout not to overpopulate, resulting in large fishes. But winterkill also makes it impossible for most fishes to overwinter, which makes the large fishes diminish in number.

Air pumps were installed to the lake to help bring oxygen into the water during winter. This did not work as the pump cannot sustain the large lake.

  • Stocking

Even though winterkill is a continuing problem in the area, regular stocking of brook trout in the lake has helped solve the problem. The trout are continuously being stocked, enabling the population to flourish but not too much. This enabled the lake to sustain the fishes inhabiting the area. Thus, large trout can be caught in the lake, which make angler frequent the lake more often.


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