September 19, 2017

Spectacle Reservoir Fishing

Spectacle Reservoir Fishing In Southern Utah

Spectacle Reservoir deserves its name. The lake is quite scenic and the views near the reservoir are also spectacular. If you are looking for a place to fish and enjoy sightseeing, you certainly have to try Spectacle Reservoir fishing in Southern Utah.

The lake is a manmade reservoir to collect and distribute water to farmers in the nearby farms of Boulder. Thus, the water level can go down significantly during summer. Nonetheless, anglers can still fish in this area.

Fishing in Spectacle Reservoir

  • No Guide Needed

Because two roads are leading directly to the lake, as well as several trail systems, the lake is not that hard to find. Therefore, guides are not that much required. You can go about the lake to see wonderful sceneries without getting lost because the area is not covered with dense trees or large boulders.

  • Winterkill

The place has not experienced significant winterkill effects due to the continuous flow of water in the reservoir. The depth of the lake also added to the factors that made it possible for fishes to survive during winter.

  • Trout Population

Because of decreased angler pressure and insignificant winterkill history, trout population has gone out of control and this resulted in stunting. Thus, many anglers are only catching small trout in this lake. Because the reservoir cannot support the number of trout in the area, many trout did not develop fully. Many fishes have small bodies and large heads, which is the result of stunting due to overcrowding.


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