September 19, 2017

Washington County Community Fisheries Fishing

washington county fishingWashington County Community Fisheries Fishing

The Washington County Community Fisheries is among the best places in St. George Utah to fish. It has been given a fair rating by those who have tried fishing in this area and as per the government of Utah, trout stocking will take place in the month of November.

Details about the Washington County Community Fisheries

You will find the Washington County Community Fisheries in Hurricane, St. George and Washington. It is about 0.5 to seven acres big and has an elevation of 2,800 up to a little over 3,000 feet. There are no hour restrictions so you can pretty much visit the place at any time you want to.

You will likely catch rainbow trout during your fishing excursion and possibly some green sunfish, bluegill, as well as largemouth bass. There is a fishing guidebook that you can read in order to find out more about the state wide laws and special regulations when it comes to fishing at the Washington County Community Fisheries.

Describing the Site

The Division of Wildlife Resources of Utah has coordinated with the three cities of the Washington County in managing the 5 total fisheries. These are the cities of St. George, Hurricane and Washington. The waters are being managed differently as compared to other community fisheries since the greatest period for fishing often occurs during those months with cold weather.

From the months of November to March, the Division of Wildlife Resources will stock a huge amount of rainbow trout in order to deliver successful fishing excursions during the mild winters. The huge brood trout have eggs that are being used for the fish hatcheries and are also being stocked up in the ponds. The fish could grow to as much as 20 inches long and is quite interesting to catch.

Fishing Tackle, Bait and Lures

Anglers are allowed to make use of any bait when catching the trout, but mature anglers are highly encouraged to make use of synthetic lures and flies when angling. Flashy spinners are also recommended, and so as those minute jigs made of plastic as well as fly and bubble combos. They are great during the warmer months.

The largemouth bass as well as the bluegill are also in abundance on most ponds in the Washington County Community Fisheries. These warm water fish could easily adapt to the hot climate and they give diversity to anglers during the warmer months.

Feel free to experiment with different tackles, baits and lures. After all, that’s the beauty of fishing, right?

Annual Kids’ Fishing Event

The Anglers Fishing Club of Southern Utah often hosts a yearly kids’ fishing event at the Washington County Community Fisheries during the months of April and May. Fishing tackle and bait are to be supplied for any kids that will join. Volunteers are welcome to serve and assist the kids in catching the fish. Interesting prizes are available for the winners.

If you have a kid that you want to introduce to the wonderful world of fishing, this can be a very good first fishing event for him or her.