January 23, 2018

What are the Utah Licenses, Permits, and Limits Needed to Fish near St. George?

What are the Utah Licenses, Permits, and Limits Needed to Fish near St. George?

St. George, Utah is where a lot of avid fishing enthusiasts would go to if they want to enjoy their favorite sport. But before you go on to fish in St. George, it is best to familiarize yourself with the licenses, permits and limits required. Knowing this information can save you from serious legal troubles.

Utah Fishing Guidebook

The Utah Fishing Guidebook is highly recommended for those who are interested to fish in Utah. The guidebook summarizes the rules and laws that everyone must follow when fishing in Utah. The guidebook is so convenient to use and is designed as a quick reference document that one could refer to in order to find out more information about the fishing regulations in Utah. You can also make use of the references on the guidebook to research for some of the most detailed information regarding the licenses, permits and limits when fishing near St. George.

The good news is that the guidebook is now available in a PDF format and you can view or download it at the official website of the government of Utah.

Changes to the Licenses and Permits

There have been some licensing changes that are mentioned on the guidebook and have been in effective since July 1 of 2014. With these changes, you will now have an option of buying multiyear licenses and all those that have a valid fishing license can make use of two poles even if they did not have any two pole permit. There are also new pricing fees for the seniors, disabled veterans and the youth.

Reason for the Changes

According to Kerry Johnson, the chief of the Division of Wildlife Resources in Utah, the licensing changes were done for two reasons. First, to provide both anglers and hunters with new options for their sport, and second, to provide the Division of Wildlife Resources in Utah the proper funding that they need in order for them to continue to provide great opportunities for fishing and hunting in Utah.

These changes are the first ever changes done since 2008. Johnson further added that they took a fresh look at the licenses and found out that there are some new options available for the sportsmen. They said that they will always find ways to save the families of these young anglers and hunters.

Changes to Take Effect in July 1

Currently, if the anglers or the hunters who are between 14 to 17 years old will buy a license, they will need to pay the same amount as that of the adults. But beginning last July 1st, those who are 14 to 17 years old can get the license at a lower price. Aside from the license, anglers will now be allowed to fish with two fishing poles without any two pole permit. Also, beginning last July 1, there will be an option for a multiyear license that will be valid from two to five years. Aside from having the convenience of not having to purchase a license each year, buying the multiyear license can greatly save you a lot of money.