September 19, 2017

Clear Creek Fishing

Clear Creek Fly Fishing in Utah

From a place that has suffered much from over mining this past century, the Clear Creek is a perfect example of nature getting back on its feet and the popularity of Clear Creek fly fishing in Utah is proof of this. The creek’s journey starts on the Loveland Pass and flows to the Platte River. Much of the area around the starting point is either privately owned or covered with forest.

Fly Fishing in Clear Creek, Utah

As fly fishing involves a lot of movement, it is general knowledge for anglers to avoid the upper portions of the creek, the part where it first starts. Even on land that is not owned, the density of the forest is too dangerous for an angler to safely cast into the water. Only certain anglers are allowed to fish in this area.

However, in the parts where anglers can fish, there is enough solitude and quiet for a fly fishing angler to easily immerse himself in. The close proximity of the tranquil stream also gives anglers the opportunity to visit some nearby public buildings which show the history of the creek.

Fish and Their Seasons

Fly fishing in Utah’s Clear Creek is a small adventure in itself. Anglers can expect to find lots of Rainbow trout, with a few Browns here and there.

Getting to the Destination

Clear Creek is found in the Freemont Indian State Park, and can be easily accessed by either the junction of I-70 or the Clear Creek Canyon. The Idaho Springs are also a stopping point for public access to the creek.


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