October 19, 2017

Where to Fish in Southern Utah

antimony creek utah fishingWhere to Fish in Southern Utah

Southern Utah is a haven for fishing anglers of any age and experience level. No matter what you are looking for when searching for a good place to fish, Southern Utah has it all in abundance.

Anglers who are searching for information on where to fish in Southern UT will find themselves presented with many options of scenery and water body size. The most commonly fished from areas are Utah’s streams and lakes.  Here’s information on the best time of the year to fish near St. George.

Fishing in Streams

The streams in Southern Utah offer many opportunities for anglers who love to experience the simplicity and quiet fishing that only small running water provides. Although their small dimensions result in the caught fish being similarly smaller than those in lakes, the streams more than make up for it in the sheer number of fish they contain.

Among the most popular streams in Southern Utah, the best can be found in the most southern part of Utah. Such streams include the Panguitch Creek and the Beaver River. Southwestern Utah is known more for its Sevier River, a river which is formed by and connects to other well known streams and creeks.


Fishing in Lakes

There are plenty of lakes to be explored in Southern Utah near St. George and surrounding areas. Each is surrounded by its own unique view of nature, making each fishing trip a joy to be on. Many of them have been developed in moderate amounts, giving some comforts to the anglers, such as small camping sites, boat ramps and even simple buildings.

It is hard to decide which lake is the best when looking for places where to fish in Southern Utah as there are so many. Anglers easily develop a personal choice, however, based on what each lake offers them.

Fish Lake, for example, is a favorite of anglers who love catching the Mackinaw, while the Johnson Reservoir and Gooseberry Reservoir are both famed for their ease of bank fishing. Most lakes provide for good trout fishing. Nonetheless, some places are known for their markedly different feature of fish. Such a lake is the Yuba Reservoir, which appeals to anglers with its presence of walleyes and yellow perch.

Some lakes, such as the Panguitch Lake, are also good for ice fishing for trout. For anglers who prefer a more casual day of fishing, the Puffer and Kents lakes are more suitable. There are also some places that have a great number of lakes in a single area, like the Boulder Mountain found south of Torrey. The mountain alone offers over a hundred lakes for anglers to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics. This makes it easier to determine where to fish in Southern Utah.

Types of Fish Found in Southern Utah

The most commonly found type of fish in Southern Utah is the trout. As this is the general family, there are many variations of it in every lake and stream. Some of the more common ones include the Rainbow trout, the Brown trout, the Brook trout and the Tiger trout. Other fish available in certain areas are several variations of bass, some perch and even hybrid species of trout.

Places that Anglers Love to Visit

Although there are no definite choices of the best place for anglers to fish in, there is a list of some of the places that simply must be visited. This list of angler chosen places includes:

  • Sevier River, West and East ForksWith the West Fork containing a larger variety of fish than the East, the Sevier River is one of the places that top the revisiting list of many anglers. Its length and wide range of both fish and scenery presents it as a good challenge for any fishing lover.
  • Sevenmile Creek
    The Sevenmile Creek is one of the few places that have wild trout that go about generally unmonitored. Although it is not known for producing large fish, it has great quantities of small ones.
  • UM Creek
    This creek is one of the most maintained and monitored streams in Utah. Despite its special regulations for fishing, many anglers have returned to this stream without question.
  • Panguitch Lake
    One of the most commonly visited lakes due to its history and variety of catchable large fish, Panguitch Lake is a well developed, well maintained area that every angler will love on first sight.
  • Pine Lake
    One of the higher elevated lakes in Utah, its small size does not retract its scenery. It is visited both for its high stock of Rainbow trout and for its amazing views of nature.
  • Mammoth Lake
    This creek, although not the biggest, is one of Utah’s perfect examples of a classic stream, ideal for fly fishing anglers.


Where to Fish in Southern Utah Near St. George UT Surrounding Areas