September 19, 2017

Fremont River Fly Fishing in Utah

fremont river fishingFremont River Fly Fishing in UT

Located in Southern Utah, the Fremont River is a place that is a little used bounty for fly fishing. Its magnificent scenery coupled with the abundance of life in and around its waters make for a wonderful place to learn and experience fly fishing at its best.

Basic River Layout for an Angler

Utah’s Fremont River is also known by its alias “the Red River”. This is thanks to the color change that occurs after a good rainfall mixes with the pigments from the surrounding red rocks.

In the river, the least un-fished area is found in the first few miles below the dam, Mill Meadow Reservoir. Its remoteness and surrounding landscape can lead to a very satisfying fishing day, as there is virtually no pressure and little competition.

The middle part of the river is somewhat harder to gain access to as it can only be reached by traveling on winding dirt paths. However, the rewards can be gratifying, for it contains the best places for catching splakes, rainbows and browns.

Some of the best scenery is found in the lower portion of the river that goes past the town of Bicknell. It contains many red bluffs around the river, and you can only find trout up until the last few miles that reach the Capitol Reef National Park. The lower part of Fremont River is mostly privately owned land, so there are only a few spots where outsiders can come in and fish.

Bringing Home a Trophy

Fremont River fishing is one of the best ways to catch any number of trophy-worthy fish. The river is known for being abundant in the many types of trout fish, and includes Brown, Tiger and even Rainbow trout.

The seasons from spring to autumn also give you a good supply of mayflies and other insects that the trout consume. Many anglers have taken advantage of these insects, either using them as bait to lure in larger fish or using them as a cover to release your own bait.

The Best Way to Experience Fremont River

If you want to get the most out of your experience of fly fishing in Fremont River, Utah, the best way to go about it is to hire a guide. Fremont River has many guides who are well familiar with the workings and qualities of the area. They will be able to help you experience and learn from everything the river has to offer.

Tips for Fremont River Utah Fishing

With every experience, a good angler will expect some tips to help them make the most out of their fly fishing. Here are a few:

  • Streamers are good to be near, as they attract big trout.
  • Fishing during the mayfly hatching seasons are the best times of the year to catch trout, as the fish will be nearer the surface to catch the insects and you will be able to blend your bait in perfectly.
  • Always bring a day pack wherever you go while on the river.


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