June 18, 2019

Kolob Reservoir Fishing Near St. George Utah

Kolob Reservoir FishingKolob Reservoir Fishing Near St. George Utah

The Kolob Reservoir is situated within the headwaters of the drainage of the Virgin River. The reservoir is being managed by the Washington County Water Conservancy District. Even though there is no formal conservation pool for angling or for any kind of sport fishery right at the reservoir, the Conservatory District has fully maintained the reservoir at a level that is sufficient enough to maintain the sport and has recently built facilities that could help to accommodate recreational or sports use.

Kolob Reservoir

The Kolob Reservoir has been rated as fair by fishing enthusiasts who have tried fishing in this area. The reservoir has recently been closed for bait fishing although it will be opened once again in May of 2015. The water level of the Kolob Reservoir is fairly low for this year although it is expected to improve when the cooler fall weather will come.

Popular Fishing Destination

The Kolob Reservoir is considered as among the most popular fishing destinations for both local and non local residents. Before, the sport fishery has been managed with annual stocking of a huge amount of fingerling rainbow trout, including fingerling hybrid cutthroat trout as well as brook trout. Aside from stocking, there is an undetermined amount of natural recruitment of the cutthroat trout, as well as rainbow trout, which contributes to the fishery sport. The golden shiners as well as crayfish can also be found on the Kolob Reservoir.

Brief History of the Kolob Reservoir

In the summer of 1996, the Kolob Reservoir has been drained in order to be repaired. Right after the draining, a group of local sportsmen has requested that the regulations will be changed in order to promote the fishery sport. The new sport fish management plan was then developed in the year 1997 along with an input coming from the Conservancy District, and cabin owners within the area as well as other interested members.

The new plan has been designed to satisfy the increasing demand for more sport fisheries and lessen the management cost in order to allow for a more efficient use of the hatchery fish. Such plan has been approved and implemented in the year 1998. The Wildlife Division of Utah has accepted the plan and has been approved by the board, thus, the new changes took effect last January of 2010.

Easily Accessible

The Kolob Reservoir is easily accessible by all kinds of vehicles, from the early days of April until December. Access from the south area is definitely possible for two to three weeks earlier than coming from the north, or from the Cedar Canyon.

There is normally a fast fishing that will occur as soon as the ice will come off for the larger trout cruising on the rocky points and dam that is looking for spawning areas. During late June, a lot of fishes will move out towards the deepest part of the water and fly fishers will make use of sinking lines along with nymph and bugger. According to survey, the fastest fishing will occur in the month of October.