September 19, 2017

Sevier River Fishing

black canyon sevier river fishingSevier River Fly Fishing in Utah

One of the Blue Ribbon fishing areas of Utah, the north flowing Sevier River is located in the Marysvale Canyon and is a roadside stream that has a good gradient for catching trout. It is also the most widely used river basin in the country, its name originating back into the late 1700s. Until now, Sevier River fly fishing in Utah is still a popular activity.

Fly Fishing

Many anglers will enjoy fly fishing in the Sevier River, Utah. There have been many tales of worthy catches on this river, no matter what your fishing style preference is.

Out of the two forks of the river, namely the east and the west, the west fork is generally considered to be the easiest to fish in. The east fork has a surrounding area that tends to be steep and rocky, making it difficult to navigate.

In the end, most anglers consider the best place to do fly fishing in the Sevier River, Utah to be in the main stem of the river itself. Its scenery of large rocks and overhanging plants make it a standard picture of an area for catching trout. Its close proximity to the Highway 89 makes it perfect for fly fishing anglers who only have a few short days to catch some fish. Some people are also able to do some minor camping along the canyon, making it easier to get access to the river.

Trophy Fish for Catching black canyon sevier fish

Many trout species can be found in the Sevier River, including the ever present Rainbow trout and the Brown trout. The river also holds an opportunity for avid fly fishing anglers to try their hand at catching the bigger carp also present in the water.

The east fork of the river through both Osiris Mill and Kingston Canyon specializes in the Brown trout, being a Brown trout fishery, although it also has Rainbow trout and Cutthroats. The west fork of the river has more access to other the types of fish available in the water. This includes the large carp and the suckers.

The lower part of the Sevier River offers the best source of fish for anglers who are looking for variety. They have all the trout species found in the upper forks of the river, plus the extra species of fish found in the west fork. This lower portion of the river gives anglers the chance to fly fish for the Channel catfish and some bass and perch.

Other Opportunities

The Sevier River also provides many other opportunities for visiting tourists. Such activities include kayaking, swimming and even rafting. There is also a plethora of wildlife to be seen in the area, many of them majestic and worthy of at least a few photographs each.

Getting to the River

Depending on which part of the river you are headed, planning the trip needs to be done carefully. Anglers looking for some good trout catching can try heading to the east fork of the Sevier River, which is accessible via the U-22 from either the Bryce or Antimony Canyons. The entry point for the west fork of the river can be found between Hatch and Circleville, through Highway 89.


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