September 19, 2017

Antimony Creek Fishing

antimony creek utah fishingAntimony Creek Fly Fishing in Utah

Starting at the west side of the Aquarius Plateau, the Antimony Creek is one of the several that cut through the Dixie National Forest. It offers some of the most beautiful views of nature’s majesty that Utah possesses, including the highly-popular Antimony Creek fly fishing in Utah activity.

Fly Fishing in Antimony Creek, UT

This place is perfect for fly fishing anglers who wish to experience a quiet afternoon among nature while doing their favorite hobby. The best time of the year to fish is during spring, which also gives anglers a unique view of that small patch of the world slowly coming to life.

Although it is only a small stream, it makes up for its size in terms of the quality and quantity of fish it has. Anglers may also do some minor camping at the edges.

Catching Fish in a Creek brown fish antimony creek

Many anglers come to this beautiful creek to catch the wild trout it contains. This includes the Rainbow trout and the Brown trout. Despite the fish being relatively small in size thanks to the narrowness of the stream, they are still tough fighters and can keep an angler well entertained.

Getting There

For anglers wishing to do fly fishing in Antimony Creek, Utah, the best way to get to the area is by heading south from the town of Antimony. There is a small dirt road that runs almost parallel to the stream, so its accessibility is quick and easy. The area is surrounded by foliage and rocks, and can be a little difficult to navigate. However the view is still breathtaking enough to make the trip worthwhile.


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  1. Mark Gillis says:

    This little creek gets a lot of pressure but has a healthy canyon. A small stone was hatching this week for Father’s day. Browns were eager to take a nymph.