September 19, 2017

UM Creek Fishing

UM Creek fishingUM Creek Fly Fishing in Utah

A small stream located in southern Utah, the UM Creek is a favorite place for fly fishing anglers. A majority of the stream is found running through canyons with little access. The main road to travel before you can do UM Creek fly fishing in Utah is via a small dirt path near Johnson Reservoir.

Fly Fishing in the Creek

The area is surrounded only by open meadows dotted with a few trees. It makes for a nice change for anglers wishing to get away from the city life, and yet experience fly fishing without being closed in by trees on every side. Many anglers find fly fishing in the UM Creek Utah to be a soothingly tranquil experience. Although some of the fish caught will not be large, due to the size of the creek, it still makes for an enjoyable pastime.

Available Fish UM fish

The creek has been renovated several times in the past due to health reasons. As a result, there are several main species of fish for fly fishing anglers to aim for. The most commonly caught ones are the Brown trout and Largemouth Bass, although Rainbow trout and Cutthroats are also available.

Being Careful

Like some other parts of the Utah fishing area, fly fishing in UM Creek can only be done after you have checked with the local wildlife department, and if you have a license. It is also best to look up on the best time to do fly fishing, as it has been found many times that there are only certain times of the day when you can experience a good haul.


UM Creek Fly Fishing in Utah| Tips and Information


  1. nic roundy says:

    i didnt know that theyre were largemouth in their or browns? im going up there in 3 days do you know what to fish with for the laremouth and browns?